Americas Mining Corporation, (“AMC”) websites use tracking technologies known as cookies, web beacons, tags and/or scripts (collectively, “cookies”). We use cookies to store and/or share information about website visitors, their systems, and their browsers. The information collected by cookies varies depending on the components of each website and can be both personally identifiable (information that can directly or indirectly identify you) and non-personally identifiable (information that does not directly or indirectly identify any individual, such as cookies used to enable language settings on a website). Personal information may include, but is not limited to, details about the device you are using, the browser you are using, your IP address, the previous website you visited, whether you clicked on any links, and your browsing behavior.

AMC only uses strictly necessary cookies on its websites. Strictly necessary cookies are used to technically enable the web pages and their components, as well as to enable security measures.

This Cookies Policy provides information about the cookies used on our websites, as well as the categories of information we collect, the purposes for which cookies collect information, and classification thereof.

AMC uses the following types of cookies:

Technical Cookies, which allow the user to navigate through our web pages and the use of the different functions or services that you make available through them.

Own Cookies, which are managed by the domain accessed by the user and from which it requests a particular service.

Temporary cookies, which are assigned to the device from which the user accesses our web pages and remain on it for the duration of your visit.

Strictly necessary cookies are installed to provide the service, application or resource requested by the user when accessing our web pages. Without these cookies, user requests cannot be delivered properly, and our websites may not function as expected or in a secure manner. These cookies are set to manage essential actions, such as requesting visual elements of web pages, page resources, or proper user login/logout. We may also use these cookies to set essential functionality to ensure the security and effectiveness of the requested service, such as user authentication.

You can set your preferences on cookie installation through your browser, by which you can allow, restrict, block, or delete cookies used on our websites.

Cookie settings vary depending on the browser you use. Below you will find information on the cookie settings available for commonly used browsers:

– Chrome

– Firefox

– Safari

– Edge

If you block cookies on your browsing devices, you may not be able to correctly access all the contents and services of our website.

This Cookie Policy may be subject to modifications or updates; therefore, User is recommended to consult it each time they access the website.