The main functions and objectives of the Internal Control Office are:

a) Risk assessment; b) Consulting and follow-through; c) Evaluation and follow-up, d) Promoting a culture of risk management and control and; e) Fostering cordial relations with both external and internal entities; f) Conservation of financial, material and technical resources (company assets); g) Providing reliability in financial information; h) Contributing to compliance with the Laws, Rules and Regulations applicable to our operations.


Our commitment does not only include good practices in the financial and accounting fields; in fact, we believe in a transversal system that involves the entire company and, therefore, the sum of its activities and personnel. We are convinced that a good Internal Control system must contemplate the following characteristics that we have incorporated into our day-to-day work:

  • Right amount of intervention to avoid over control of the processes.
  • Encourage excellent relationships that take place in the company both internally and externally.
  • Internal Control is viewed as an instrument of efficiency at all levels of the company; it is not a restrictive or coercive practice.
  • Priorities are previously defined, which will provide the guidelines for the performance of the Internal Control Area, its scope and usefulness.
  • Have a business vision to align the objectives of the practice with the strategic objectives of the company.

We provide a reasonable degree of assurance regarding the achievement of our Institution’s objectives.